Dark am I..

Daughters of Jerusalem, I am dark like the tents of Kedar, yet lovely like the curtains of Solomon. Song of Solomon 1:5

This is my favorite Bible verse. Back when I younger, I was really discouraged because of my hair and my skin. As you can see from my profile picture, I am black with kinky hair.You can guess that my hair is not the easiest to deal with. So back when I was young enough for my mom to put my hair in puffballs, hair balls, and barrettes, it was quite painful for me because washing, drying, flat ironing, combing, and brushing were all somewhat long and painful processes. So, I would look at my hair and see a giant fuzzball and then look at my Caucasian friends and see how easily they did they did their hair and think that their hair was beautiful(which it is) and plan on getting a relaxer as soon as I could. Fortunately, mom would never let me get a relaxer until I was out of the house, so I had to wait. Somehow that translated to wishing that I was white. Mind you, this wasn’t an obsession or something I thought about that frequently. It was more of a subconscious idea. So one day I had this great idea to hang up Bible verses on my wall. So I went looking for bible verses in my Bible and came across Song of Solomon. I had never read Song of Solomon so I decided to read it. That is when I found that verse. It is needless to say that I hung that verse on my wall. Song of Solomon 1:5 has encouraged me ever since. You can also see from my profile picture that these days, I embrace my fuzzball.By the way, this book of the Bible is very pulchritudinous love song, you should read it sometime.


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